Sadaka Corporation specializes in providing C.P.M. schedules (Critical Path Method) and Project Management Control & Support Services.

Our services are tailored for clients with a specific project requirement/needs; such as the need to develop Project CPM  or Network Schedules. The schedules can be tailored to fit the client's requirements and can be provided with or without manpower and equipment loading, and expected payment forecasts.

Sadaka Corporation provides expert Construction Claims & Litigation support services on cases involving issues such as; delay & disruption, weather impacts, change orders impacts, and unforeseen conditions impact claims. As part of our services we rely on  electronic document management & presentation tools.

The types of clients that we provide services for varies depending on the needed service, but generally include clients such as General contractors or sub-contractors, Project owners (such as Government agencies, School districts, Municipalities, Private developers, Corporations, etc...) or their representatives such as consulting firms and attorneys or legal firms representing these clients.



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